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In celebration of the next film release,  LORAC released a limited edition palette for Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales. This palette features 18 shades in their PRO-formula at $52 – but do they hold up?


LORAC | Pirates of the Caribbean

Although I love the packaging, it’s pretty big to hold these pans. This is partly because it has a built-in compartment below to hold the collection’s separate cheek palette if you choose to buy. Pros and cons of the packaging, but it does look gorgeous either way so I’ll take it!


The shades are in spirit of Pirates of the Caribbean – LORAC developed some great looking tones.  There’s a fair balance of neutrals, accent colors, and dark shades to create fun looks.

LORAC | Pirates of the Caribbean shades


LORAC | Pirates of the Caribbean shades


Some of the shades experienced a lot of fallout and lost their pigmentation, so they required more application. Despite this disappointment, they manag to blend decently! The mattes were the less pigmented in the palette and the standouts were surprises. I expected it to be Starry Night and (was hoping) Cursed – but my favorites were Sea Haze, Treasure, Black Pearl and Black Pearl. They ended up looking different applied than in pan.


LORAC | Pirates of the Caribbean shades


The biggest disappointment was Ghost – the first application was pigmented but if it was re-touched at all it would sheer out. I’m also trying to decide how I feel about Bones – it’s so light and similar to my skin tone so I’m unsure how this would be useful at all.


LORAC | Pirates of the Caribbean shades


LORAC | Pirates of the Caribbean shades


Overall the palette definitely has some winners, but fair warning – there were some duds that I wouldn’t have bothered with if they were individual pans – these being Ghost, Bones, Tell No Tales, Silent Mary and Matte-y. (Coincidentally they’re all matte.)

Did you pick up or try out this palette? Let me know you’re thoughts and leave a comment! Until next time, xoxo!


LORAC | Pirates of the Caribbean



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