Resolutions + Goals

It’s easy to make resolutions, and even easier to lose track of them. My past resolutions have been pretty basic. One year was try new food (which was actually successful and kept going!); another was to be better with skincare. But last year I didn’t even have a resolution because I couldn’t decide and gave up – pretty easy to lose track of, right?

2016 was personally rough, leaving me deflated and uninspired.  On New Year’s Day I talked about the upcoming year with my cousin who inspired me to take approach resolutions differently. Instead of having one big goal, I looked at different areas in my life that I want to improve.  Hopefully this approach can help you stay motivated, too!


As we all know, it’s important to take care of the one body you’re given. But we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. 9 months ago I tackled my own through a new adventure in pilates and haven’t looked back. Since I have to be careful, I see a personal instructor twice a week who specializes our workouts based on my health issues. Now I’m doing things I would not have been able to do a year ago.

– Remember : it’s okay to take things slower than others if you need to. Walks instead of runs; 10-minutes daily stretching sessions; even small workouts here and there throughout the day. Don’t cheat yourself out of a workout, but do it on your own terms.

– Treat yourself! If you want to reward yourself, don’t reach for that an unhealthy snack. Pamper yourself with bath salts (and if you have recommendations, I’d love some!); indulge in a body scrub and massage your feet in that bath; you can even light a candle after cooling off from a good workout and just lie on the floor.  It’s the little things that count.


Reflection doesn’t have to come once a year – we can reflect occasionally to keep in check with ourselves. Do this on a comfortable schedule – it doesn’t have to be daily. A weekly or bi-weekly reflection is better than nothing! I try to reflect in a relaxing way – sometimes in a salt bath, or even during a drive home while listening to a funny podcast – that way my mind is at a neutral place and won’t get too worked up. The goal is to check on how you’re feeling, why, and what you can do to make things better (or even keep things good!)


Everyone has their own happy outlet. What’s yours? Make a list of what activities bring you joy. These can be indoors or outdoors.  Carve out time for yourself on an upcoming free day and devote it to a happy outlet. If you don’t have an entire day, that’s okay.  It can be a block of an hour or just a few.  As long as you’re making time for yourself and something you love, this can help contribute to your happiness.

I’ll make time to go to play video games, go to my favorite coffee stop to draw or plan out a week, or squeeze in fun errand/shopping time.  But these don’t always have to be solo “missions”.  My friends and I love to grab brunch to catch up on life – this is a huge happiness booster. What better way to reset your mind than with loved ones and food?

I hope these tips help you out throughout the year.  If you have any fun activities or suggestions, share them below!

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