Zoya | Naturel 3

Zoya released 2017’s Naturel line, the third in the series. It consists of six natural-shade cremes, ranging from light to dark. Between the hustle and bustle of the new year, I shopped and tested these out finally. (I apologize for the state of my nails – they’re partly why it took so long to try these out!)


Zoya | Naturel 3 Collection



The formula was fairly consistent across all six.  I found them overall thin for cremes, but buildable with a second coat.  They’re well-thought for a transitional collection while we wait for summer to roll around and I definitely have a couple favorites.


Zoy   |   Naturel 3   Tatum


Tatum is in light tan, and one of my favorites. It’s a flattering shade for all skin tones. This one was a tad runny and had the ability to streak, nothing you can’t even out with another thin layer. 

Zoya  |  Naturel 3  Cathy

Cathy  is the second lightest, almost a peach nude finish. It looked more pink once on the nails than in I expected.  This shade was less flattering on my skin tone (for reference, runs yellow with a slight pink undertone). This ran with a more uneven formula that tended to streak.


Zoya  |  Naturel 3  Jill

Jill  is a medium mauve, a pretty basic natural-pink. It ran thin with the first coat but was opaque with two coats.


Zoya  |  Naturel 3  Mary

Mary  is a gorgeous medium raisin/purple. This is what I’m talking about! I love raisin shades. It was much more even.  I used two coats here.


Zoya  |  Naturel 3  Gina

Gina  was hands down one of my other favorites, in a medium-dark brown.  Of all six it had the easiest application, with no streaking at all – the only one!  This was a one-coater that evened out the best.



Zoya  |  Naturel 3  Debbie


I had higher hopes for Debbie  because I’m a sucker for dark plums. However, this was absolutely the most difficult out of the six;  its formula was the thinnest and pulled at cuticle on the second coat.  I struggled evening that part out so it would look opaque.


Overall the colors are what you would expect for a transitional natural shade collection.  I prefer thin formulas over thick cremes.  The winners from this collection were Gina and Tatum. Zoya’s one of my favorite brands,  and the fact that they’re BIG10-Free is one more reason to try these out. Leave me a comment with your thoughts on this collection!


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